College Athletes: Should they get paid?



Are you wondering if college athletes should get paid for what they do but don’t know? Well let’s talk about it. This article will say the benefits if college athletes were to get paid and problems if college athletes were to get paid and what would they do. So let’s talk about it and maybe at the end of the article maybe you will make up your mind.


One Benefit if college athletes were getting paid they would support their families. Players would find a good decent meal and send money back to their hometown to there families. Another benefit if college athletes were to get paid is that they will stay in college longer. Usually college basketball players declare for the draft when there are freshmen for example in 2017-2018 Oklahoma point guard Trae Young is declaring for the draft are ready when he is only a freshman there’s a lot of freshmen doing want Trae Young is doing its because they aren’t getting paid. Freshmen are rushing to get to the NBA so they can get some money and don’t get there education. If college athletes were to get paid then it should be based on their fame and how good they are for example college basketball players should be scaled on a level like how good they are and their stats. Finally college athletes should get paid because there wealth efforts on a campus field or court.


One problem if college athletes were to get paid is that they wouldn’t know how to manage their money and what to do with it. He or she would probably they go waste it on something that they don’t need and throw away real quick. Another problem if college athletes were to get paid is how will players get paid will they be paid a different amount of money and will players be jealous of what others are getting paid or will they be paid the same amount. Another problem is that college athletes would never go to class they would skip and not even care about school anymore and the thing is that they actually don’t like school already even when they aren’t getting paid and they might even receive grades for doing nothing. Another thing to think about is what about the sports in college like tennis and swimming how or will they get paid and how will they manage their money.


College basketball players are right now declaring for the NBA draft when they are freshmen at the age of 19 or 20 that’s because they think they need money for example Duke university’s college starting 5 basketball team which is all freshmen except senior Grayson Allen are all declaring for the draft because of their talent but also because they think they need money like a lot of other college basketball freshman who are declaring for the draft at a young age for example Collin Sexton from the university of Alabama is declaring for the draft already when he’s a freshman.


I hope I gave you some information about this topic and what could happen if they did pay college athletes and if they didn’t and I hopefully some of you guys have made up your mind about should college athletes get paid or maybe you are still on the fence about this topic.