Aaron Judge

Omar Ahedo

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Aaron Judge

Aaron James Judge was born on April 26 in 1992 in Linden California to Patty Judge and to Wayne Judge.


Aaron Judge is a rookie superstar why? Because he hit 29 home runs last year and now this year all together is 63 home runs. Aaron Judge has been the latest star right now because last year won the Home Run Derby vs the man who hit the most home runs in the MLb with 59 home runs. Aaron Judge played college baseball at Fresno State who stands at 6 feet and 7 inches.


Aaron is 3 home runs down with 7 and season leader Mike Trout with 10 home runs. All together Aaron Judge has 708 at bats, 160 runs, and 197 hits. Aaron has his own spot in Yankee stadium called Judge Chambers and is where Judge super fans were a judge costume and a wig. Aaron Judge is just starting on his career and still has a long way and make his into one of the greatest Yankee behind Babe ruth, Lou Garret and many more and his way to the Hall of Fame.