Monica Manjarrez

Miguel Jontel Pimentel  known as just Miguel has become a very big artist in this past year with one of his most popular which was one if his biggest “skywalker” once it hit the internet it became a hit song with being in hibernation for a pretty long time, once we heard that the song blew up. With  MIguel being 32 years and releasing that it really got us to remember that he is still here and not going anywhere.

Miguel was born and grew up  in San Pedro California in October 23 1985 , coming from a mixed family his dad being Mexican American and his mom being African American, at still a very young young age he wanted to become a dancer and about 3 years later his parents divorced which was probably a pretty hard for being a kid and seeing your family tear apart. Once Miguel was a teen he wanted to pursue a music career and that’s when he started developing more love for music and just continued with music and started writing some of his own music, which him thinking back he would’ve never thought that millions of people would be listening to him and that one of his songs would win him a grammy. According to the article “Biography.com”  Miguel favorite type of music to listen R&B,funk,hip-hop,rock and jazz as a kid.

Miguel came out  with an album that in 2012 that instantly became a hit and even got number 3 on the billboard, in that album came one of his most loved and popular song called “Adorn” also according to “Biography” website has a “very sensual tone and easy pace” that specific song won him a grammy for best R&B song. Recently in a video with “Genius” miguel broke down one of his recent songs “Skywalker” saying that in a part of the song he said that we gotta wait for the things that we want but that we can’t spend all of our time thinking about it because like his song says “Good things come to those that wait up” another thing miguel said in the video is that his Zodiac sign is a scorpio and all I have to say is same, but really he said that us scorpios we have the power to hold on to things and close our selves and keep whatever is is just to our own.

Miguel is still in the music industry and is happily engaged so we we and him are “skywalking on these haters”.