Neidelyn Gonzalez

What is separation? Well separation is something or someone that is apart from another thing or person in this case it is someone. On september 9, 2017 at about 11:09 am there were two groups of kids outside in the playground at GRANDVIEW MIDDLE SCHOOL. One of the groups only had girls in it and the other group only had boys. They were separated but why? Why is it that these two groups are separated by gender?What is so different about them that they don’t even like to talk to the others except for when they are arguing or something? Every person is the same why the separation? There are millions and millions of questions that could be asked about this topic. What is wrong with girls and boys interacting with each other. The truth Is there isn’t it’s all on how the person is “yes we’re all unique but were also equal that hasn’t changed.”


Some students have noticed that when the two groups are talking to each other is when their usually arguing and using bad language. This type of behavior makes some students think of segregation and separation. These two things are similar what is wrong with people thinking it’s okay to go around discriminating people because of how they look or their gender, its really not you shouldn’t judge anyone if you don’t know them. If someone were to ask you how safe do you feel at your school what would you say and why? “Yes it’s okay to have your own opinion but sometimes you have to keep it to yourself in order to not hurt other people’s feelings.” Everyone is important in this world everyone should be respected it doesn’t matter if you’re American or Hispanic Latino or any other race or gender you shouldn’t be discriminated by that. We are all special in our own way.