Lucas Pruneda

Logic just released his new album Bobby Tarantino 2 and by far my favorite song is Yuck which is a dis to Joyner Lucas  Logic goes so hard with his bars and dissing him like “ you look at my life and you feel envy you constantly comparing yourself to me you feel empty” He not only disses Joyner he makes a really good song about how no one can stop him and how he’s going to the top.  The beef that started was Joyner was talking crap about Logic on Twitter. Logic didn’t like it and he dissed joyner in this song. Logic in my opinion is one of the greatest for his bars.


My favorite line in the song is when he says “I’m to busy counting stacks I was born in the trap” which basically means he came from being born in a bad part of his city to making boat loads of money.  I honestly respect Logic more than any of the other rappers because he puts out really good music and spits bars. In one of the disses to Joyner he says “ I give you more press than your publicist could give you¨ this line means Logic basically helps Joyner get more people to his music. Logic dropped so many good songs in his latest album such as 44 more which is also one of my favorites in Logic’s album. He also scored two number one albums in less than a year if that doesn’t tell you how good of a rapper he is than I don’t know what will.

Bobby Tarantino II