Shot For Me


Drake’s single “Shot for me” released in 2012 back when his album Take Care dropped. Drake has always been dropping some heat since he started making music back in 2007 and he specifically writes his music for driving during late nights. A lot of people may not know this song because it didn’t blow up like his other songs but its by drake so obviously it’s going to be a good song. Drake has been so used to being on the top for his songs it’s nothing new to him , like his song he released this year in 2018 “Gods plan” blew up to no. 1 on the billboard for 11 weeks in a row. Drake always releases heat no matter if its a song or even shoes we just know that if it’s from Drake then it’s going to be heat. Drakes “Shot For Me” can easily get you into your feelings no matter what.


In Drakes “Shot for Me” he did an ode to his exes , he demonstrates his ability to create ambiguous texts by the overlap between the figure of a romantic and sensitive boy (which recounts the pain of his emotional relationships) and that of egocentric King Midas (what consoles him more is that his exes will not find another like him). In one of the verses in Shot for Me drake says “ Okay look, i’m honest , girl I can’t lie I miss. You and the music were the only things that I commit to. I never cheated for the record back when I was with you, but you believe in everything but me girl, I don’t get you.” pretty much saying how if he wasn’t with his girl he would be working on his music and those were the two things he cared about the most but she wouldn’t believe and would always think she hears was true and every time he tried explaining that it’s not true she wouldn’t believe him at all.  

One line that we can relate is where it says “I think the city that we’re from just kinda ruined things, It’s such a small place, not much to do but talk and listen. The men are jealous and the women all in competition.” pretty much explaining how the city is small where all you can do is talk about people and listen to rumors and how all the guys get jealous of what each other have and the girls just try to one up each other all the time. So if your ever want to listen to a good song by drake to get in your feels then just hit this one up.