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This is where Syria is in the world, it is a country in Asia.

The United States, France, and United Kingdom recently bombed three chemical centers in Syria because they were supposedly creating chemical bombs. During the past years, the Syrian government has been bombing its own citizens for no reason. Syria has also been bombed many times before by other countries. From 2011 to now. But its not just other countries bombing Syria, its also their president, Bashar Al-Assad. Bashar Al-Assad has bombed its citizens with explosives and chemical weapons. He also bombs hospitals and other medical centers so that nobody can be helped. More than 470,000 people have been killed since 2011.

The conflict started in 2011 when the Arab Spring got to Syria.  The Arab Spring is when people tried to ruin governments, overthrowing dictators, and starting civil wars. Nobody was allowed to run against Bashar Al-Assad which means he was reelected. Many people have left Syria but some stayed. Some of the countries that accepted refugees before have now banned it because they’re scared that terrorists are going to pretend being refugees to get inside the country.

After the U.S. France and UK bombed Syria, some citizens were happy about the bombing because it would bring less problems to them and they wouldn’t get bombed with chemical weapons a lot. But there were people saying that the bombing of Syria wasn’t right. Some protested about it saying to not bomb Syria and it wasn’t necessary. A lot of people also said that the U.S. didn’t have any proof about Bashar Al-Assad bombing his own citizens. But what do you think about this situation?