Back to Back


Back to back is a song by drake, it was the second diss track song towards meek mill because they had beef. The first diss track song was charged up which people thought wasn’t that good. But when it came to back to back everyone went crazy drake fans, meek mill fans, and even just regular people.


Drake is a canadian rapper who is currently 30 years old. His full name is aubrey drake graham. He is a canadian rapper. The beef of drake and meek mill started when meek mill was tweeting stuff about drake. For example he said that drake used ghostwriters to write his verse on rico a song that drake and meek mill both collabed on.


The diss track started with some clever lines from drake like ¨ back to back like i’m jordan 96,97.¨ Then he starts getting more serious with the line ¨ I waited four days, n—- , where yall at?¨ And the the most iconic line that had rap fans in shock and going wild was ¨ is that a world tour or your girls tour¨ Followed up by ¨ Yeah, trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers.¨ And finished the iconic diss with ¨ and shout-out to all my boss b—– wifin n—–.


My personal opinion is that it is one of the best diss tracks of all time. And drake showed the people and meek mill that he can really rap. Because people had thought of drake as a soft guy because of his other songs.