Ace family is having another baby!

Arieanna Medrano

In the beginning of this year the Ace family found out they are having another baby. It was really emotional and personal to their family and they decided to share it with all of their subscribers. It turns out they have been wanting another child for awhile now and their wish finally came true. The Ace Family made the choice of waiting to figure out the gender so that they can find out with all of their family and friends and as everyone knows Catherine is friends with Kylie Jenner and announced that she was going to plan their gender reveal on a YouTube video.  The Gender reveal happened on Sunday April 8, 2018 and everyone who couldn’t go waited anxiously hoping someone would post something soon about the gender of the baby.

Everyone is wondering how their YouTube name is going to change with a new baby coming. If you didn’t know “ACE” is the initial of everyone’s first name. “A” is for Austin, “C” is for Catherine, and “E” is for Elle. So with a new baby everyone is wondering if they are going to change their name or just leave it the same. The already made a video about their ideas on baby names for a boy or girl so now that they know they should be posting a video on that soon.

Catherine and Austin were also pretty anxious about waiting to find out the gender so they tried different things to try to guess. They tried something called the old wives tales and the results said they were going to have a boy. The old wives tales are just questions about the pregnancy so far to try to predict the gender.  Austin was leaning more towards wanting a boy while Catherine was leaning towards having a girl but they both made it clear that no matter what gender all that matters is that they have a healthy baby.

Kylie Jenner planned a beautiful party and all of their family and close friends were there. Part of the party was that you had to wear the color that you thought the gender would be, for example if you thought it was going to be a boy you would wear blue and if you thought it was going to be a girl you would wear pink. More than half of the party wore blue while only 6 people wore pink including Catherine. More towards the end of the party Kylie announced that it was time to find out the gender. Everyone gathered around excited to hear what gender. Austin and Catherine both got these big poppers while everyone started the countdown. “3…2…1..POP!!!” They turned the bottom of the popper and out came pink confetti. They are having another girl!

After the gender reveal everyone returned back to the party and congratulated Austin and Catherine. They finished catching up with their family and friends and enjoyed themselves. Everyone is so happy for them and can’t wait to see the new baby girl.

If you want to see the video you can check it out here.