Summit1g Hate

Twitch streamer known as Summit1g recently got a lot of hate by many different people for playing with the Youtuber known as Jake Paul. They played a couple of games on  Fortnite  a couple days ago and people weren’t happy. One donation that summit1g got said,

Image result for summit1g and jake paul play fortnite“Playing with human trash is pretty disappointing man. You sure you don’t wanna invite Logan to play as well?” Which he responded saying that he thought his fans were different and he thought they were real fans. At one point he said that he would start banning some of his subscribers.

Another Twitch streamer known as Ninja said in one of his twitch streams, “What i am basically saying is that people who think its not a big deal, I disagree.” Its easy to tell that Ninja doesn’t like Jake Paul and will never like him nor play with him because in a video by Jake Paul called “Donating $200,000 to my favorite twitch streamer,” He put Ninjas face in the thumbnail but in the video he actually donated to two members that are in his team known as “Team 10 Trash” and the people he donated to were Chance and Anthony. People started telling Ninja on his stream about what Jake Paul did and he wasn’t happy. He didn’t want to hear it and he said that he would start banning anyone that mentioned it again.

Jake Pauls brother Logan Paul is also getting into Fortnite and people do not like it. A lot of people say that people like them shouldn’t be on Twitch playing video games. Jake Paul has done a lot of things that people do not like, one time he got on top of a news van and jumped on it. Hes done a lot of pranks on his roommates and that is one reason why most original members have left and most of them talk about their experience. He is also rude to his fans and his neighbors. Every time he does something bad, he does videos on helping people to try and get the hate away. For example, one time Jake Paul made a video where he helped victims of hurricane Harvey to seem like a nice and good person but everybody knows he just did it for views.