Joyner Lucas

mickel magana

Joyner Lucas was born August 17 1988 in Worcester Massachusetts. He started rapping at ages of 7 and started recording at the ages of 10 he would rap to his family and friends . He really injoyed rapping and he kept and rapping . Joyner Lucas signed with Atlantic Records then dropped his album “508-507-2209”. There was a song in that album named “ I’m sorry “ where Joyner Lucas is rapping about the 2 sides of committing   Suicide. It’s a really good song I like when Joyner Lucas was like “I hate the fact that you think the world is better without you ‘’. Joyner is just super good at speaking about the 2 side of the story . Another example the song “Just Like You” where the music video is so good, because it was a little boy and little girl singing to there dad and mom the message was that the little kids were telling their dad and mom that they don’t want to be like them they want to do something with their life . One of Joyner best songs is “ I’m not racist “ where there was a white guy and a black guy sitting together in a table and they were telling each other their side. It was a really good song .White person side was saying  like ‘we should make a wall so we can keep the mexicans out ‘ other stuff like to “put your pants up , take the gold out of your mouth , take that du rag off .and probably the police well stop killing you. “ That’s some stuff the white person side said . The black Person side was that how there scared to get pulled over by a cop and how they feel . I like the black persons side more then the white because there were more facts but the whole point of this song was that we don’t need to fight we just have to sit down and talk to each other . Joyner Lucas is Just getting bigger and better. Some cool facts about Joyner Lucas that he hardly talks about drugs in his songs because he doesn’t like that also a lot of his songs are about real life stuff and  his going to drop more songs about real life stuff.