Adrian mendez

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He is a rapper as we all know Eminem is a rapper but some of us know Eminem is a father of 3 children and he loves them all.  But let’s get to Eminem music it sometime about nothing will bring him down like the song Not Afraid. But some of the song Eminem is letting us know to not miss our chance and to take it and to never give up. But his other music Eminem sing little bit about his life and about what he went through and say that he is not the same to everyone. But trying to fit in with everyone and trying to hide his true self and just want to accepted to everyone. But their some people that don’t like Eminem and he in some of his songs to just not to listen to his music if you don’t like it. But the people who have work with him try telling the people that don’t like him. Okay let talk the people that he has work the are a lot of people that I can’t list so I’m going all of them. But their is all people know Dr.dre he is a good rapper and person. But he is the person that made him famous and did a lot more for him and bin in some song for a little bit but did a lot for him. There is Gwen Stefani she has been in some of his songs and then there’s a lot more people that will sing with him. But he can be mean or nice if he wants but if need