Arieanna Medrano

The Outkast is an American hip hop band that started in 1991. Andre Benjamin (known as Drè) and Antwan Patton formed this band when they were high school students. Outkast released their first album in 1994 and their single “Player’s Ball” reached number one on the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks which gained them some popularity. After some successful releases they kept experimenting with their voices and developed their unique sound. They then released “Stankonia” that included the singles “Ms. Jackson” and “B.O.B”.  The song “Ms. Jackson” actually won a 2002 Grammy Award for Best Rap performance by a Duo or Group and they didn’t stop there. In 2003 they released the double album which won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

They won six Grammy Awards and is one of the most successful hip hop groups of all time. OutKast has sold over 25 million records between the six Grammy Awards and a greatest hits release. They became really popular but somewhere in 2004 the band slowly shifted apart and starting to make solo albums leaving their fans wondering why. The short answer on why they split up was because they “grew apart” but Key and Peele decided to put their own funny spin on the story. They made a little skit about the band’s creative differences and when Big Boi saw it, he loved it. He said they have a good sense of humor.

Andre Benjamin is a american rapper, songwriter, singer, record producer, dancer, and actor. He is better known by his stage name of Andre 3000. He is a successful rapper and actor making appearances in a couple of T.V. series and films including Families, The Shield, Be Cool, Revolver, Semi Pro, Four Brothers, also played the leading role of Jimi Hendrix and All Is By My Side. In 2013 Benjamin was included by Complex on the list of the 10 best rappers in the 2000s. Later Billboard put him on the 10 Greatest Rappers Of All Time.

Antwan Patton, known as Big Boi, is also an american rapper, songwriter, singer, record producer, dancer, and actor. Big Boi made an appearance on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out Season 3 and 5 as one of the many guest stars. He continued making music and started making a title for himself.

Both of these talented singers made a career for themselves and Outkast will always be known as one of the best hip hop groups.