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School Shootings and Why They Happen

Jorge Alatorre, The Only Student With Administrator

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Why do people decide to do something as horrific as shoot at their own classmates? Their may be more to a shooting than you might think. It is theorized that; the reason a being decides to shoot at others at school is due to them having been bullied in the past which would cause mental trauma for the shooter. But some shootings are committed by older people that weren’t bullied by younger students. How do we explain this, you say? It is also believed that the older shooters have a mental illness, though, people with mental illness’ are more likely to be a victim than a shooter.


Some may think they do it because they didn’t get a girl they wanted but that is not it at all. Social friction like bullying could have caused them to decide to shoot up a school. Other factors are involved such as revenge or envy, the shooter may have a low self-esteem or they are an outcast that is not like or treated very well. It all depends by what happened before the shooting and the shooters motive.


There exists shooters who shot up their school because they were motivated. Motivated by another shooting. Take, Columbine, for example, it spawned several copycat shootings by people who were inspired and looked up to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. It’s quite baffling that human beings would be looking up to murderers.


We do not have a definitive answer to why people shoot up schools, not even students do it, as I’ve said before, adults do it as well. However, another reason to why they happen are that the shooter did not ‘win something’ or ‘get what they wanted’. They get angry over not getting what they wanted and then it all leads up to the day of the shooting. This is just one of the many reasons or motives to why people do mass shootings. These things are fairly complicated and hard to understand but this is homicide and sometimes homicide and homicidal people are hard to read or understand.


The writer of this article may know quite a lot about this certain topic but do you have any idea why people shoot up schools?

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  1. Joselyn Espinoza on February 21st, 2019 12:43 pm

    Thank you for speaking out about these topics the public eye should know

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School Shootings and Why They Happen