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Monica Manjarrez

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Photography has very much evolved over the years and has also become a more resourceful tool but also it could turn into a very wicked way of capturing untasteful moments that nobody wants to remember but everything has two sides of it.

Photography is something that has always captured my attention just the beauty of capturing a moment gets my attention for hours and knowing that you can remember that exact moment or event because you took a photo or someone else took it and you can stare for hours reminiscing about.

Photographers use their cameras and tools to capture the moments that are important and that need to be remembered. This  goes to show that how much photography matters nowadays we use it in a everyday basis to help us, for fun, etc, now photography matters way more than it used to it can help to witness, prove, relate, reveal, celebrate.

Every photographer has their own style and that’s is totally normal because there’s so much in the world that is breathtaking and every person has different dislikes and likes so everybody’s art is unique in its own way.

The way people see photography in their eyes can be so different yet so alike from what others see because nowadays people think that when people photograph any event any moment whether its photo of something that makes your cry and remember how lucky you are or something that makes you feel happy on the inside and that makes you want to go back to that day, people still think you should be reserved and more of a private person and that is totally fine because that’s just how some people are.  As a person myself that does like keeping some of my life to myself still  wouldn’t really care personally I want to have a memory of everything there’s moments in life that are just precious that you have to stop and photograph.

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