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E-Books v. Textbooks


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As time goes by the percent of people using E-books than textbooks has raised , 68% rather use e-books & 32% rather use printed textbooks. Truth is textbooks have more information than e-books do. More people prefer to use e-books and what e-books are is like a tablet , computer etc. less people use textbooks & well textbooks are printed books w lots of information. Even though they might be heavy and hard to be carrying around , textbooks should be used instead of ebooks because textbooks are an anywhere access and ebooks are not, and we also need to start realizing the value of learning on paper


in The article “ ebook vs. textbooks pro (yes) “ it introduces the idea of “ textbooks is an anywhere accres “ . in the article it states “ digital content also surpasses traditional textbooks by providing students w/ anytime , anywhere access to course material. What this evidence means is that textbooks provide you with anytime, anywhere access , basically anywhere you go you can have access of it. This matters because its supporting my quoted evidence of how textbooks can be used anywhere. In the story “ ebooks vs textbooks con 2 “  it give us a piece of information saying “ sometimes this technology fails leaving teachers to scramble for a backup plan. Some students don’t have access to tablets out of school. disadvantage students may not have internet connectivity at home .” in other words it  matters because it’s explaining why textbooks are better than e-books and also because not everyone can have access to an ebook but everyone can have access to a textbook provided by the school.


To begin with, ebooks can’t be used everywhere. The article titled “ebooks vs. textbooks “ introduces the idea of textbooks being a better learning supply then ebooks. The article relies on information to support textbooks being better utensil to use instead of ebooks. One important piece of information to support why ebooks can’t be used everywhere is “ ebooks ask for instant connectivity and internet isn’t provided everywhere”. This evidence means that ebooks cannot be provided anywhere & textbooks can. In other words this is another proof on why textbooks should be used instead of ebooks. Another important idea from the article “ ebooks vs. textbooks “ explains why ebooks can’t be used everywhere by stating , “& most problematic studies show that kids typically understand less and take longer when they are reading from electronic textbooks as compared with printed materials & cant use at home &  not ever kid provides an electronic device or internet connectivity”. This matters because it takes kid longer & not everyone has access to an electronic device. This incident shows that ebooks takes kid longer & can possibly get distracted & not everyone has access . these examples confirm the need for textbooks to be used instead of ebooks because ebooks are not an anywhere access.


In addition we need to recognize the value of learning on paper. The article “ebooks vs. textbook “ supports the reason why learning on paper is better than learning on an ebook. The article uses information to explain why it’s better to learn off of paper  then on any type of electronic. One important example to support why learning on paper is better is “ students admit it’s much easier to learn from a textbook. They told me they can highlight & flip through pages to help them remember facts.” This means kids rather work with textbooks than ebooks because it’s much easier. The reason why is because not all kids know how to use an electronic device. Another important idea from the article “ebooks vs. textbooks “ supporting why learning on paper is better is “ even students that experienced in using digital technology prefer paper”  this matters because that’s when they start to realize the value of paper.  In other words this means  students dislike ebooks and they say they understand things faster by paper. These examples confirm why textbooks should be used instead of ebooks and textbooks also have an anytime anywhere access that ebooks don’t.


In addition, the reason why i’m against schools using ebooks is because ebooks are expensive and distracting. Not every kid uses them with the intention of using it as a learning tool , they can distract some people easily. In the article “ebooks vs. textbooks” it provides one important fact of information “ the thing that worries me about tablets instead of textbooks is when you have a tablet you have access to social media , pornography  and the distraction of games and when your using a textbook there’s no way you can have access to social media.” this means that ebooks are just a distraction and its not helping us learn , in other words it’s doing no good for our learning environment.  Another reason why ebooks should not be used is because in the article “ background of issues e-books or, textbooks “it states “ tablets can go from 71.55 to 125.55 & printed books are like 14-25 $ , like more than a 50$ difference “. what this means is ebooks are more expensive , and what i’m also referring to is that they’re just a distraction because they do no good for us. These details support my main reasons/claim on why textbooks should be used instead of textbooks.


In conclusion textbooks are better than ebooks because textbooks have anytime , anywhere access and they don’t ask for instant internet connectivity like ebooks do.  And ebooks can’t be used everywhere for the same reason because internet isn’t provided everywhere. Also as kids we start to recognize the value of paper learning. Because ebooks take longer for most of us to learn , and not everyone is able to have internet access or access to any type of electronic. This is why i prefer textbooks because it’s fair to everyone and it doesn’t make others feel bad because they cant have access to any electronic. And EVERYONE can have access to a textbook .

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E-Books v. Textbooks