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Face-to-Face learning is better than Online learning


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Some people think face-to-face isn’t as cool or as modern as online learning. Yet there are some things that face-to-face learning dose or gives you that online learning can’t. Yet there are also some things that online learning gives that face-to-face learning can’t. Yet some people don’t know about these things and some effects of online learning could stay with you for a long time,they could even affect your life too. Yet online learning for 1 can help you with college , and 2 it’s used a lot. Here are some other reasons why face-to-face learning is good,and why online learning might be good and bad.I’ll let you decide which one you pick as the better and most useful one.


To begin with,The website made “Is online learning as good as face-to-face learning”. Which addresses that “More than millions of students from kindergarten to 12th grade(senior year) are taking online classes.This means that people and students use online learning or technology a lot and that’s it’s useful to.I would also say it was about how it’s helping all the grades all over the world.It’s not only helping people with college but it’s also helping little kids.One key fact to support this is that even on tv you might see some commercials that point out that online learning can help anyone.The website which made “Are online classes harder than regular classes”.Informes that “Online courses require more self-motivation.Finding ways to self-motivate and work well independently can be harder for students who don’t work well without supervision.The lack of face-to-face interaction and hands-on learning can also be taught to get used to for classroom students.This to me would mean that to be able to do online courses you have to be able to work better independently yet also interact better with others to.All this matters because it not only says that lots of people use online learning or courses but that you also need some things to be able to do online learning right,but it’s not that hard either.All this means that you might have thought there was no effects of online learning but i guess one affect or  thing you need is to be able to work online right.


Secondly,We should all know that there is never without some pros or cons of its own.The article “Online classes vs. Traditional classes addresses that online learning has not only pros (good things) but it also has its own cons too (bad things).The importance of this is so that you can see that on line isn’t as good as you might think it is.The website uses the facts of the pros and cons to explain that some pros might be useful yet thatsome it’s cons could even affect your grades.One key piece of evidence to support that traditional learning is better than online learning is that for online learning you need more personal responsibilities and there might even be network challenges.This means that if you rely on the network to much one day and it will happen it might go down and your left with no network and a deadline that’s coming up.In other words No work,Lower grades and of course lower jobs or not so good future i guess.Another important idea from the website   is that it discusses the bad effects that online learning could have on you personally.”Online courses are not the answer,online courses will only hurt students in life and careers this is essential information because it actually is correct when you are in a classroom personally you have to interact and this can even increase your memory power:)This matters because those are actually skills or things you need in life and for example even to get a job cause how are you going to be a waitress and get EVERY order wrong sadly you’re probably gonna get fired.These examples support the value and importance of traditional/face-to-face learning.


In the end,it turns out that lots of people still use or believe in face-to-face learning and that it’s the best too.The article supports this idea “Real classrooms better than virtual”It says that “According to the results of a new national research study 78% (more than 1,000 students) still believe it’s easier and better to learn in a classroom.’’The website imformas that a lot of people and students all over still believe or use face-to-face learning.One key fact to support this is that neither people can’t afford online learning or this just don’t really like it that’s why lots of people use schools.This matters because if one day the government even wants to think of taking schools away they’ll be dead wrong cause lots of people count on and need the support of schools.In other words this would affect all of us yet I hope there will be some people who will stand against this if it ever happens because we have started to count on online things a little too much.Another important thing that is that “People not only generally learn better from other people but they retain this information for longer’’-“People retain information much better when they have an emotional reaction to it”This matters because it is saying we learn better when there are others around us and not when were in front of a computer screen at home.This information confirms the value of face-to-face learning and the need we have towards it too.


In conclusion,I would agree that online learning might not be helping us as much as we think,it might be affecting us instead.So I agree that face-to-face learning is better than online learning and will always be to.

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Face-to-Face learning is better than Online learning