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Are Youth Sports Too Intense


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It is better to understand that sports these days is getting to intense by coaches and parents are getting in the players minds to win at all cost, but it is good to be intense because it is a game you want to win and it makes you better to get pushed.The reason why this is important is because of kids getting pushed way too hard so the parents and coaches can feel better in them self, even though parents, and coaches are pushing kids too far so they could win. Even though parents,coaches are pushing kids everyday are getting pushed beyond their emotional and physical limits by the coaches and parents and that the parents,and coaches are ruining sports another evidence states that kids under 15 are getting serious injuries also coaches are humiliates your children and final a text shows that out of 46 participants and 28 of them responded that they were pushed when they were younger and parents are seeing there kids future but the kids is seeing a different future.


To begin with,  sports are to intense for the kids. The website titled “Are Youth Sports Becoming Too Extreme” supports the idea of why the coaches and parents are making sports way to intense for the kids. The article uses information to describe kids getting pushed to far so they could win. One crucial fact to discuss is “kids are being pushed beyond their emotional and physical limits by coaches and parents the level of intensity of the sport has become too extreme they are causing mental and physical exhaustion” this means that coaches and parents are pushing kids way to far for example many coaches want to win at all cost. Another important idea from a article was “there’s a lot of concern these days that an ethic of winning at all cost, promoted by overzealous parents or coaches, is ruining youth Athletics and kids are paying the price, from sports injuries at ever-younger ages, to constant practice that cuts into family time. But now, some adults are crying foul and calling for a change.”


Furthermore, in the website it is important because “each year, more than 775,000 children under age 15 are treated in hospital emergency rooms for sports injuries, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta… Sports injuries are the number 1 reason for emergency room for emergency room visits among children more than 448,000 football- related injuries to youths under 15 are annually treated in the hospitals, doctor offices clinics, ambulatory surgery center and emergency rooms, according to the American Academy of orthopaedic surgeons” this evidence shows that kids are getting serious injuries that they have to go too the hospital to get treated  and that sports are the number 1 reasons for emergency.This matters because it shows how many kids are getting hurt due to sports. Another important website is, in the website it discusses about more evidence about how intense is youth sports. In the text it says “ Too often, a win-at-all cost mentality devastates young athletes be on the lookout for behaviors that humiliates your child. Does the coach rant and rave at games? Call out and embarrass players? The best coaches inspire through positive reinforcement and role modeling, not harassment and bullying.”this is a powerful example that proves that coaches are embarrassing your kids this matters because they would doubt himself and wouldn’t perform as well as they use to.


 Subsequently, in the text “ Are Youth Sports Too Competitive” it explains how adults were pushed when they were younger, “ On Facebook i posted an anonymous survey for anyone that is part of JMU community to answer. Out of 46 participants, 28 [60.9%] felt that pressure from friends,relatives, and coaches, caused sports to become too competitive; 18 [39.1%] didn’t think this.” this means that adults were also push when they were younger and 60.9% of them were pushed, this matters because it shows that 60.9% of adults were pushed when they were younger. Another important idea from the article “ The Race To Nowhere In Youth Sports” explains why

Are generation have been pushed more because in the text it says “ we have a generation of children that have been pushed to achieve parental dreams instead of there own, more, more, more, and better, better, better. The pressure and anxiety is stealing one thing our kids will never get back; their childhood” this is rather obvious because the parents are only thinking about them self not there children these examples shows that parents take advantage of their children and steals there fun and there conference.


In the three paragraphs it talks about what parents and coaches are doing to the sport, and what they are doing to the kids and also the sport. I understand why they push them it is because they want a great future for they kid so they could get payed the big bucks but in the end the kids are paying the prices of injures.

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Are Youth Sports Too Intense