Should transgender people be allowed to have access to restrooms of the gender they identify as?


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Lgbt has been around since late 1950’s, lgbt stands for, lesbian, gay,bisexual and transgender (etc) now that you know what the lgbt community stands for let’s talk about it. As lgbt becomes more and more accepted in today’s society, people still try to discriminate them, especially on the fact of transgender usage of public restrooms(A transgender is a person who identifies as the other gender than they were assigned with at birth) almost half of americans think they should use public restrooms of the gender they were assigned to at birth, because of this over 60% of transgenders are afraid of using public restrooms because they are afraid they will get harassed or assaulted. While a lot of states in the us have tried to have this “bathroom bill” most states have not exactly succeed at this task. Even though allowing transgenders do this may seem like predators would use it as a advantage, transgender people should be allowed to use restrooms to the gender they identify as because it isn’t a safety risk, this act wouldn’t change the fact of assaulting anyone while in the restroom,and transgenders won’t be hurt if there denied access.

One important example to support the fact that transgenders should be allowed to use the restrooms to the gender they identify as is because there isn’t a safety issue, among other states that have anti discrimination protections have been around for years and there is no sign that the rate of crime in public restrooms have increased,nor has there have any evidence that predators pretending to be a transgender person have attack people in restrooms.

Secondly,laws for restroom will still be the same.The website titled “”  addresses the idea of transgenders being allowed to use the restroom to the gender they identify as. The website uses facts to explain  that laws for restrooms will still be the same.One important example to support that transgenders should be allowed to use public restrooms to the gender they identify is in the website it states “Bathrooms that best matches the transgenders person identification does not legalize harassment, stalking, violence or sexual assault those behaviors are and will continue to be illegal anyone, anywhere”.This means that if we allowed transgender people to use restrooms to there identification it does not mean they nor anyone can harass, sexual assault etc etc. This information is important because people seem to think that letting trans people do this will affect the policies of it.

Third of all it would make them happy.One key factor to describe why transgenders should be able to use public restrooms to the gender they identify as is because of the fact that they will be happy, But because of the fact that we have not established that goal and people get discriminated and denied access they get hurt. As said in the website””, “We factually established that discrimination that trans people face. Polls have repeatedly shown that many people do not realize that it’s still illegal or may states discriminate lgbt people” and the fact that people in the 21st century still have to deal with such hatred is disgusting, because at the end of the day we are all human being and we should be allowed equal right.

In the end we are all humans it doesn’t matter whether you’re “different”, we all should be allowed to have the same rights.Even if this sadly may never be 100% accomplished we can at least try. Discrimination is such a hard thing people go through and we should put an end to it.