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Should College Athletes Be Paid ?


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Many believe that college athletes should be paid and some believe they shouldn’t.Talks have been around that being paid will make your college look good and this will be used as a reward.Should they be paid or should they not.In this article I will give you information that will say why there not paid and maybe why they should be paid.

In the first website, The New York Times, the article says “The NCAA classifies division 1 football players as amateurs , not professionals, student-athletes, not employees, which is how colleges get away with paying them nothing.” This means there not paid because there not professional yet. This evidence matters because they are explaining why they are not being paid.

Secondly on the article Should athletes be paid to play by usa today college, it explains that college athletes are not paid because the money is used on employees, training and more. This article shows facts about why there not paid because the school uses money on other purposes for the athletes. To explain what the article was saying, it quotes, “The money these programs bring in goes to pay for the facilities, the training, the programs and all kinds of other expenses of the university. So just because there is a cash cow that produces a lot of money, it doesn’t mean they aren’t being paid.” This means that the media might think there not being paid but then secretly they might be getting paid. This matters because they explain that money is used on programs, training and more but they could be paid for other reasons.

Another article, Should college athletes be paid ? Both sides of debate by Collegexpress explains when they are paid. According to the article, “They are only paid when they are interviewed for a show like on ESPN, NFL and more.” This means that there paid when going onto another broadcast.This matters because they explain to us that that’s when there 100% sure there paid.The main idea is that they are trying to shows us when there paid.

In Conclusion, the reason why there not paid is because all the money goes to training, programs travel and more.

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Should College Athletes Be Paid ?