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Should videogames be considered a sport ?


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For a start  video games should be considered a sport because there are many good benefits to them. There also some bad benefits to video gaming like how some people say it’s not a sport science there is no physical movement. Even though people say that video games aren’t considered a sport since it requires physical movement but games are also helpful because some sports require mental focus   and thinking.

The website  said that for almost a decade pro circuit gaming has been considered most like a type of sport. Like I said in the beginning they don’t need to have physical movement when you could just challenge your mind.In my opinion they should be considered a sport even though there is no physical movement in most games but I will agree there kind of not a sport since most people think they are sports if they have physical movement like the wii console it requires a lot of movement in every type of game for the wii console.   

Like I said most times that video games require mental focus and example of a sport that requires mental focus is chess because you need to think on how and what is going to be your next best choice in the game of chess which  is played worldwide and is competitive it’s the same with video games when there is a mission requiring to think. Video games has a good benefit like improving and strengthening the mind.I also think they might be considered a sport but just not a olympic sport.

Third of all video games should be considered a sport. The website titled “’’ examines the importance of why video games should be considered a sport. The website uses expert option to support video games and how the challenge the mind. One important piece of information to support is how video games improve the mind because some hard levels in games require thinking to surpass the levels and is just like chess, “chess is a competitive sport that requires strategy and is played worldwide’’. This means that chess is a sport played worldwide it still requires strategy just like most video games. In other words most video games need you to think. Another important idea from the website  discusses the idea of how video games are considered a sport “ most days the are gaming world tournament in recent years.’’.

In what I know poker, chess, and golf are a powerful example of how there considered a game that illustrates that video games could also be a sport if golf is played worldwide and its considered a sport games like chess or poker are also considered a sport even though they have people sitting down but there thinking about their next movement. This matters because video games also require some mental thinking just like poker and chess.These Ideas supports the value of how video games should be considered a sport even though there is no physical movement there still have mental thinking so that’s what I think makes it a sport most people think it’s not a sport like I said earlier because there is no physical movement except for wii games so that why I think video games are considered a sport.


5 Responses to “Should videogames be considered a sport ?”

  1. James on March 22nd, 2018 7:27 am

    Please fix your misspellings dude pls I’m doing this for an assignment and this is ridiculous


    Oscar Gonzalez Armenta Reply:

    This makes no sense, all the words are spelled correctly.


  2. Aidan Cannizzaro on March 27th, 2018 1:18 pm

    I think that if gaming would allowed to be a sport only certain games should, like racing games, fighting games, not games that have have a story line, I think this because, if all sports have two people or a whole team against each other, then video games like that should be counted as a sport.


  3. Brandon on April 18th, 2018 11:12 am

    I like that.


  4. Maxwell on May 14th, 2018 10:40 am

    It should be considered a sport because…It requires everything that physical sports HAVE! Also because it has competitiveness and is on TV. So, it should be considered a sport!


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Should videogames be considered a sport ?