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Can graffiti be called art?


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Art can be shown in many different ways like in museums, poster boards or building something. But can graffiti be called art? Graffiti has been in this world since the roman times according to There are many styles of graffiti and people can just look around and see it it. According to the google dictionary writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. On one hand graffiti can have a meaning. At some places there could be kids with gas masks, or names, or police brutality this means this means that the picture whatever it is it could be a good or bad picture. it’s trying to open people’s eyes. This topic is important because there’s a meaning to it and it might be bad but it’s still art. Even though graffiti is illegal and vandalism graffiti should be called art because graffiti tells people something, the unheard can speak, and the history goes way back. This article will be about why graffiti should be called art.


The website titled “” supports the idea of if graffiti should be art. One important fact to support why graffiti should be art is During ancient times, the first forms of scripture and storytelling by the natives or cavemen were through drawings on walls. Stories passed through generations, and generations were preserved on rocks or walls. During Roman times, they would claim the land they conquered by drawing on the town’s buildings. It was just their way of life and how they claimed their land. In the modern day world, members of gangs will do the same thing.” This means that graffiti art has been in our world since the caveman were on the earth they expressed themselves by art. And still people to this day are painting what’s going in there time so like there are some graffiti showing police brutality and that might be a bad thing that is going on in that time. This matters because people call caveman drawings art and when they see graffiti the don’t see art. yeah it might be illegal but it’s still art it’s only on somebody else’s property. Another important website “” explains why. “When most people think of graffiti, they imagine “tags,” or a stylized writing of a person’s name. While tags are probably the most popular forms, graffiti art is much more than that. It can mean a colorful mural with a message of diversity or a black and white stencil piece protesting police brutality. In each case, graffiti art makes a statement.” this means graffiti is not what people think, it’s much more it’s vandalism but it means something. A meaning a reason not only to be there but to show emotion. This matters because the creator of the art is trying to say something, but not with words with art.


Second of all graffiti should be art because the unheard could speak According to “” supports the idea of the unheard could speak.this website uses expert opinions to support why the unheard could speak is. One key example to explain why graffiti should be art is. “I understand that not all street art is nice to look at or has a positive outlook. But, many talented artists that have not had the opportunity in the professional world of art take the time to paint something unique where everyone can see it, and I believe they should not be punished for creating something so beautiful, they should be praised for it. The uniqueness that comes from street art or graffiti is mind-blowing.” This means that not everyday you see something unique it takes skill to make something beautiful and more skill to not get caught. This matters because people don’t really like that. But the just think that its “trash”. Another important website “”explains why. ”After World War II, Graffiti emerged as voice of economically suppressed people. It developed almost as an aspect of Hip-Hop culture, and the two together proved that people from an impoverished background do have the skills and determination to create something beautiful. Now, Graffiti seems to surpass all boundaries of economy, culture, race, and religion, to become the voice of the unheard”. This means that after the war when people realised how bad we treated our economic culture,race,and religion. So the voices of that can’t talk would be able to and the have the chance to paint what is on there mind. This matters because people need to realise to see change so that means they need to see outside the box what reality is showing people.


In addition, graffiti should be art there are peoples quotes.  “” titled supports the idea of graffiti should be called art. The website uses expert opinions to support graffiti being called art. One key example to explain why graffiti should be called art is “the natural evolution of graffiti is that it will just turn out looking nicer.” This means that after the graffiti gets cleaned up more will come and it will keep coming until it gets nicer. It matters because it’s an argument for art. Another important website is “” explains the reason graffiti should be art by stating, “people are starting to recognize that graffiti is not just something done by kids to break the law, even though that’s the way the media continues to frame it”. The evidence means that even though the media makes graffiti look bad and have bad people paint on the walls and other things. Graffiti can be good and have a good meaning. This matters because its arguing about graffiti.


This website “” introduces the reasons for graffiti not to be art. This website “” uses facts to explain the reason why graffiti should not be art. One important fact to explain why graffiti should not be art is. “English heritage reported recently that around 70,000 thousand listed buildings are estimated to have been damaged in 2011”. What this means is that 70,000 buildings were damaged by graffiti. This matters because these buildings are not the property of the one who tagged them. Another important idea from the article “” explains why graffiti should not be art. “Even when done well, which is very rarely. It looks awful it makes an area look run down. If these people are so keen they should do it on their own homes”. Rosie’s. Staffordshire. This means if it’s not your property don’t touch it. This matters because a lot of people tag other people’s property and rosie s. Staffordshire said to have them doit on their own property.


In conclusion there are some reasons why graffiti should not be art but it’s still a painting and some may not look nice it might make the place look sloppy and run down but there are still nice graffiti that makes the place look better and more natural like painting that show animales. Some people take time in what they do but they should not do it on other people’s property they should sell it or paint their own house.             

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Can graffiti be called art?