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Are youth sports too intense?

Ramon Avalos

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To begin with, are youth sports becoming intense every year. There is 2 million students/preteens that are getting injured every year.That is a large number of injured preteens and students that are getting injuries that can last a lifetime.I not just talking about bumps,bruises these injuries are like broken,fractured bones,torn muscles.Even though youth sports aren’t intense at all,should youth sports be intense because how many youth athletes are getting injured,and why kids are getting hurt.


In the first place, by age 15 80% of those kids quit.”45 million kids participate in organized sports”,only 1%of high school students will receive a scholarship.This means that millions of the youth that participate in athletics,but when they turn 15 80% of the 45 million quit only 1% of high school athletes receive a scholarship.This evidence matters because it shows that if you want to succeed in sports you need to be the best,that means that you need to practice more to get better.In the second place “an estimated 2 million injuries 500,000 doctor visits 30,000 hospilizations in high school sports”


To start with,why are so many youth athletes getting injured.The article titled “Active” addresses the idea of “millions of children reporting sports related injuries that could have lasting effects on kids bodys.The article uses examples to discuss why are so many youth athletes are getting injured.One critical example to show why are so many youth athletes are getting injured is “eleven year old marissa came home with a stress fracture in her goal kicking foot.After a week of drills designed to make her a better league player she lost three weeks of practice”.This matters because it shows that even practicing can give you injuries.


To begin with,youth sports could give you injuries that last a lifetime.The article titled “today ”examines the idea of “that night,the 17 year old felt nauseous and began losing her memory”.This means that when you play sports you are risking your body and your life.One crucial piece of information to discuss “a trip to the doctor reveals devastating news she had sustained a serious concussion that left her with permanent brain damage”.This evidence matters because its shows that .In the second place “last spring,a student I was tutoring told me his back hurt.The fourteen year old boy in Northwest Washington had played on school and travel soccer teams.In the fall despite his pain he was still playing travel ball after a weeks he saw a doctor. who diagnosed him with a spinal stress fracture”.This means that when you are injured that you need to tell someone because if you keep it to yourself and continue to play you can get even more injured.This evidence matters because it shows that youth sports push kids too hard to the point when they get injuries they think it’s fine.

In conclusion,these three examples are not just one of many.There’s many other other ways that youth athletes get hurt,but we have to be aware of the kids safety we can change it.Then make it better because hundreds and thousands are getting injured because of sports safety if we want of youth to be safe we need to be more aware.

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Are youth sports too intense?