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Does gym help you perform better in classes?

Laysha Araiza

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Gym is all fun and games, it’s like a break from all the hard work you have done. But not only its a break from class, it actually helps you in class. Even though gym should not help in school, should gym be able to help in class because it could help you on a test, we need gym, and why do schools have gym.


At first, why do we need gym. The article “does gym help students perform  better in all their classes?” addresses the idea of would gym help you in class. The article relies on information to support how can gym help us. One important fact to support why do we need gym is “parents and exercise scientist have known for a long time that physical activity helps young people to settle and pay attention in school or at home.” This means that people have known for a long time that if we play or run it helps us keep focused. This matters because at school or even at home we can stay focused. Another important idea from the article “how does recess and gym help learning at school?” explains why we need gym. Gym helping us is a key detail that proves “it is no surprise that recess and gym class are being sacrificed. Research is showing that it is a big mistake and children need both recess and gym.” This matters because without gym or recess you wouldn’t be able to concentrate. These examples clarify why you need gym at school.


Second of all would gym help before a test. The article “20 minutes of exercise before a exam can boost up your scores” examines the importance of exercising before a test may help by getting better scores on the test. The website uses information to explain how it will help to exercise before a test. One crucial piece of information to support why would gym help before a test is “the studies go back to 2010 researchers started with children around nine and ten, and tested children who got some exercise-usually aerobic exercise like walking, running, or playing-before a test and compared their scores with children who didnt exercise at all. They found that the children who were active scored better on the tests.” This is rather obvious that that if you exercise before a exam you can get higher scores. In other words you can get higher scores by just exercising. Another idea from the article “why exercising will help with exam performance” illustrates that why would exercising help with a test. Exercising in the morning can get you better scores is a key detail that proves “for some, early morning session increases their focus for the rest of the day. For others, a lunchtime workout helps break up the monotony, or an evening exercise class helps them to de-stress before bed.” This matters because if you are too stressed out it will be hard for you in the test. This information confirm the need for gym that it can help you during a test.


To start with, why do schools have gym. The article “students should have gym every day” addresses the reasons for of why gym is not only to play and for your health it helps in your class. The article uses facts to discuss that why we need gym everyday. One key evidence to explain why do schools have gym is “we should have gym everyday because daily exercise is important, kids enjoy it and it also builds cooperative learning skills. One reason why students should have gym everyday is because it is important for your health.” This means that they get better at their learning skills. And this matters because you can get higher grades. Another important idea from the article “does gym help students perform better in all their classes” discusses the reason of does gym help in class. Gym would help in class is a powerful example because “children who are physically fit absorb and retain new information more effectively.” This means that your grades can get higher. This matters because you can do better in class.


For these reasons is why we need gym for school. To help you focus better in school or at home, and for school to get a higher grade on that test you want to pass.

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One Response to “Does gym help you perform better in classes?”

  1. Anthony Perez on January 22nd, 2018 1:12 pm


    I enjoyed reading the article you wrote involving the gym and academic performance. As a student myself, I do enjoy going to the gym between classes. Usually my study breaks involve long runs, or even a simple walk. I noticed that when I would study for long periods at a time I would become stressed. Exercise for me, has been a positive coping method I use to unwind and avoid stressing. I would argue that it is nice to take your eyes off the books and grab a fresh breath of air when you need it. Overall, this was a great read. I really liked the fact that you pulled outside resources to develop a strong argument. Keep up the good work!


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Does gym help you perform better in classes?