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 Ricegum, who is Ricegum? Ricegums real name is Bryan Le. He was born in November 19, 1996 in Nevada. He would play basketball in high school and one time he lost a kid he was babysitting when he was 8 years old but eventually found him. Ricegum then made his first video on youtube when he was 15 years old. It was him playing Mw3 and as of now that video only has 743 thousand views. Several years later he made more and better videos and eventually hit 9 million subscribers. His diss tracks and response videos helped his channel to blow up. He dropped out of school and worked more on making youtube videos. In 4 months he gained 2.2 million subscribers. He became the fastest growing channel on youtube.

 Ricegums most famous series on youtube is called, “These kids must be stopped,” Where he watches kids on youtube and and makes fun of them for example Jacob Sartorius. In most of his videos he roasts Jacob Sartorius, reacts to his music videos, and even makes videos with him and they both roast people. Those videos get around 8.5 million views. He also reacts to Jake Paul and iDubbbz and most people say that the only reason he’s that big is because he talks about them in most of his videos. Even Jake Paul himself said, “His mom, iDubbbz…” and “Call us daddy now on please, whenever you address me.” and “I am your dad.” He said that because 20% of Ricegum’s views are from the videos he made about Jake Paul, that is about 200 million views.

 Although he’s funny and most people find him funny, some people say he’s a bully and they want him to stop. They also say that he spreads negativity and hurts a lot of kids lifes. For example, when he roasted Travis Barker’s daughter, her mom said “Ricegum you now have a devastated 10 year old! Who is being verbally attacked” and “so awesome all your “fans” are telling a 10 year old to die, to drink bleach and threatening her life.” So what do you think about Ricegum? Should he stop what he’s doing or not?

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