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Migos vs X: Celebrity Fight

Nathanael Celestino and Daniel Velazquez

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Have you heard of Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy most know as xxxtentacion  getting jumped by Migos?

Migos jumped Xxxtentacion and his friend while they were outside of an hotel waiting for a ride.The hotel is located in the city of Los Angeles,California.They say that Migos got off a car and took a punch at X friend. After that x got mad and started to take punches at one of the persons from Migos. In the video you can see when Migos swung at X’s friend ,and you can also see when X starts to punch one of the guys from Migos. The video shows you when Migos dropped X and they started to kick him and punch him.In one of the videos that X did he said that one of them stabbed him.Also in the same video X said that they didn’t gave him the respect of going one on one.In the same video he says that he will take his ‘A** beating like a  man.’

    According to the brawl began because Offset had some strong feeling about some rapper including Lil uzi vert,Atlanta SahBabii wearing upside down crosses.A symbol that is associated with the occult.The day Uzi wore a necklace with a upside down cross to the Billboard Music Awards Offset shared a video showing his critique.Offset said that “All y’all guys wearing upside down crosses, even my little partners stop wearing that sh**.he said . All that worship for the devil. Get with god man.”SahBabii responded angrily, and X jumps in.When X jumped  said ‘I don’t respect no n***a that don’t want to see a young rapper prosper.

       The brawl happened in November. After X got jumped he started to mock Offset’s  now girlfriend Cardi B.

        The problems started since early was when X said that Drake stole his flow .Offset told X that he was silly about arguing with drake. “ we ain’t even heard of you shorty. Get your a** out of jail.” were the words that Offset said on Instagram live.That is when the situation started to begin.Videos of XXXtentaction went viral in November.Everybody was talking about it all over the country.Some people are happy that Xxxtentaction got jumped because they said that he deserves it.They say he deserves it because X had beaten up his girlfriend and some of his fans.also because he came at other rappers and even their moms. Some people say that he does not deserve it.

For first hand accounts, you can YouTube different perspectives from Migos and X.

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Migos vs X: Celebrity Fight