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Lunch Time At Gym

Yareli Herrera

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December 7th and 8th of 2017 250 8th graders were at the gym during lunch time some of us don’t know why we have to go during lunch time there’s some rumors that it was because of too much fighting.

Karina Z said she feels “bad because they put us there for kids that did bad decisions but they never do something for the ones that behave well”

As you can see people that behave well never get rewarded they get punished because of the kids that make bad decisions.

Even teachers didn’t know what was happening, Mr Rodriguez said “I didn’t know what was happening at first and I found out a lot of rumors of violence, the staff wanted to say that has to stop or how do we work together to stop but don’t think the message got through.”As you can see many people did not liked going to the gym and Mr. Rodriguez said “I heard students did not like it because it was not clear and felt as a punishment next time try to make it clear.”

As you can see many students and teachers didn’t know what was happening and many students felt it as a punishment.

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Lunch Time At Gym