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Water Balloon Drop

Arieanna and Josi

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Thursday December 14, 2017 at 8:45 am Mrs. Zinkgraf’s class headed outside to test their inventions.

Before Christmas break Miss. Zinkgraf decided to have some fun with her class. She was talking about the egg drop for a while but decided to do the challenge with water balloons. At first she had her students brainstorm on what they wanted their contraptions to look like and they had two days. The day after that Miss. Zinkgraf bought all the supplies to make their contraptions but it was the same day as the security threat at Grandview Middle School so most the student had a late start. Miss. Zinkgraf provided most of the supplies but you were able to use things from your house. They had about 4 days to finish building their project until they had to test it.

On the day of students put the finishing touches on their projects and got ready to go outside. They all walked out to the parking lot to find a big red firetruck waiting for them. Right when they walked out there they could feel the icy cold hit their face. Everybody lined up eager to test their project but scared it would fail. At first the firefighter just dropped the contraptions from the top of the fire truck and almost all of them survived the short fall but a few weren’t so lucky. Stefanie Ramos was one of those unlucky students. Her project hit the ground hard and then the balloon popped out from the top breaking the popsicle sticks that held it in. Everyone started laughing but Stefanie yelled playfully “Nooooo!” as she went to grab her broken project.

Everyone who made it through the first round was jumping for joy until they saw how high the second round was. Everyone was talking around each other until they saw the firefighter at the tip of the ladder going up. The ladder didn’t stop rising until it reached its highest point. The firefighter counted down while the students watched anxiously. When the firefighter let go of the contraption everyone watched as the first one tumbled to the ground. For a second it seemed as is it wasn’t cold anymore and the adrenaline overtook everyone until the balloon hit the floor with a loud boom. Water covered the road while some students screamed or laughed. Students looked up in awe while the firefighter got ready to drop the second contraption.

Once in awhile someone’s balloon would cover the road in water but most of the contraptions survived the big drop. All of the students and Miss. Zinkgraf had a blast with this project. It really brought the students to start enjoying science and actually trying in class. Hopefully Miss. Zinkgraf can keep up the good teaching and bring more students to enjoy class.

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Water Balloon Drop