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Why should phones be allowed at school

Nashlee Espinoza

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Phones should be allowed at school because when kids are in danger they can contact their parents to let them know they are okay.


A typical monday starts by someone’s phone ringing and quickly trying to turn it down but it’s too late now the teacher has arrived to the desk and looks at him/her in the eye and says “GIVE ME YOUR PHONE NOW!!! YOU HAVE DISTRACTED MY CLASSROOM AND YOU HAVE TO PAY THE PRICE NOW GIVE ME YOUR PHONE’’ you could hear her voice through the halls it was scary.


Him/her said “miss chill it aint that bad it’s not like i killed someone or did something bad’’




The student is now irritated and annoyed because him/her just wants to check that text and see if it is an emergency or not. Him/her hands the phone and the teacher smiles wickedly and says thank you


Most students don’t think that’s fair because it might be an emergency text that someone has been killed,injured,or in the hospital also some students have brothers or sisters that need their help because they might have a disability


According to phones should be allowed at school because you can be in touch with your children and know their whereabouts.(The Pew study noted that 48 percent of parents use the phone to monitor their child’s location.) 

Also it says that it can be used if needed, if in danger,you’re children can reach the authorities or a medical provider.

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  1. Dianne Trevino on January 19th, 2018 12:21 pm

    Good job citing an article.

    What could be a classroom compromise? How could the student and teacher have handled the situation differently so both are happy?


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Why should phones be allowed at school