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Basketball history

Makai Labat & Tyrus T

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Basketball ball was invented in springfield  massachusetts. James Naismith  wanted a less injury prone sport other than football.


  College basketball started first then right after pro basketball started. There were 13 rules in basketball before.


  The first basketball was made from panels, leather stitched together with a rubber bladder inside a cloth line was added to leather for support and uniformity. A molded version of the basketball.1st ball was made in 1891. The first basketball game was played with soccer ball. When basketball was first invented the first game was 9v9 basketball.


  According to In the NBA there are now 10 rules in the basketball when originally there was 13. Nowadays players play in longer shorts and they cannot wear a shirt under their jersey.


   In History players that played basketball played with any athletic attire including football uniforms and track suits. In history basketball players would wear knee padded pants like in football they also wore short shorts and knee length tights. There were 13 rules in the NBA originally.

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  1. reicher on June 4th, 2018 10:35 am

    your article is a good example of a timeline essay. it has the dates, where it came from and who had the idea.


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Basketball history