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Youtube Drama and real Drama


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Drama between adults and with children isn’t good because then it causes rumors to spread and just hurts other people. This especially happens with famous youtubers online where there are two or more sides for example TheGabbieShow and ricegum. Ricegum was framed for physically hitting TheGabbieShow (Now known as Gabbie Hanna) for recording ricegum on snapchat. When he told Gabbie to stop, he apparently just knocked her phone out of her hand after he told her not to record him. He comes out with a diss track saying he didn’t hit her this continues to go on until Gabbie gives up. This caused a commotion with the subscribers defending each youtuber. Fans would talk about it online and it would just spread more.


The next thing that happened was a well known youtuber named logan paul. He uploads one video in japan suicide forest about showing someone who killed himself. He then continues to record the body disrespectfully and post the video on youtube where some of his young audience could see this disrespectful scene. Within hours that the video is posted there are over 6 million views which made it to the trending list. He takes the video down a couple of hours later, apologizing for showing the uncensored dead body on youtube. People all over on youtube are saying logan paul’s career is over due to that video. Famous youtubers such as pewdiepie react to this by saying he shouldn’t have done it for the views and if he did want the views he should have cut the recording then talk about it instead of filming.


Some of these youtubers are role models to young kids around the world, while at school it’s different because all that drama spreads around like proximity and spreads which leads to fights arguments and broken friendships. With youtube pretty much the whole world knows about all of this drama which causes stress on any youtuber because it’s harder to get views and subscribers. School drama makes things interesting for other people like “Becky’s pregnant?!!”  “that kid picks his nose and he’s in like 11th grade.” it gets people depressed especially if it’s about themselves. When youtubers have drama it like the world is against them and with them at the same time.


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Youtube Drama and real Drama