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Sir Robert Bryson Hall the second better know as Logic born on January 22nd 1990 he is currently age 27 and is  arguably the G.O.A.T of rappers. His latest album is very passionate and you can tell he put his heart into the lyrics he put on the page overall his latest album is 5/10. His latest album is very slow and he tells you his morals in life and how his life experience has been.


In my opinion his new album is probably his worst just because it is very slow and I like fasted paced songs that have a fast uptempo beat it’s not just my opinion it’s he is always talking in his new album and his lyrics kind of wonder into space and it’s hard to listen to a song with no music or singing in it. Logic is very known from his song 1-800 that dropped in 2017.  


Personally I like that song because it talks about when you have low days in life and how to keep your head.\ Logic is known for his soul rap not rapping about money and girls just his life experiences and choices that’s why I really like his rap. He puts his heart and soul into every page 1800 took him 3 months to make until he had it perfected logic will go down in history for his soulful kind rap songs. He is number 3 on the charts for best rappers in 2017 so right now he is crushing the charts.

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  1. Chyanne on January 16th, 2018 8:22 pm

    Great job son, just remember punctuation and correct grammar always, Always reread your work to make sure all words used are appropriate!! Way to go bud!!!


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