The Ace Family

Arieanna and Josi

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Over 4 million people have subscribed to the ACE family and they barely started 2 years ago. In youtube there is a family that is called the ‘ACE family’ what they really do is somewhat of daily vlogs. But let’s talk about their name ‘ACE’. A standing for Austin, C standing for Catherine, and E standing for Elle, but they are not yet married.

The Ace family first started July 27, 2016, the first video the ACE family actually started getting views. They started small at first but as they grew they started posting more and more videos and getting more subscribers. The couple enjoy pranking each other and posting on youtube which got them a lot of views.

Catherine was pretty known on youtube because of her best friend, Chantel Jeffries. Chantel is a youtuber and instagram model so having Catherine on her channel helped her out when she started her own channel with Austin. Catherine was pretty well  known by herself as well, as she was in the movies Lilin´s Brood (2016), Monday nights at Seven (2016), and You Can’t Have It (2017).

Catherine’s real name is  Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz. She doesn’t share a lot about her parents but has two younger brothers and one younger sister. Catherine was born on August 24, 1990 in Canada and is now 27 years old. She is engaged to Austin McBroom and has a daughter named Elle.

Austin is a former basketball player and his real name is Austin McBroom. Again he doesn’t share a lot about his parents but he has two step brothers and one blood related brother. He was born on May 20, 1993 in California  and is now 24 years old. They had Elle on May 28, 2016 in California.

In conclusion I recommend you to go watch the ace family these reporters think that you will enjoy watching and seeing how they are as a family. Some videos you should watch are pranks and their recent christmas videos.