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The Happy Holidays

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 The holidays is all about being with your family, not the presents. You’ll get to enjoy the snow falling, carolers singing, and marshmallows melting in the hot chocolate. During, winter it’s cold, so you get to sit by the fireplace watching the famous Christmas movies with the glowing tree to brighten up your night. Although, you want to spend time with family it’s always fun to be with your friends and glide down the icy, cold snow on your sled. Just be aware, you never know when you’re going to slip and hit your head on something dangerous and hard.

During, the holiday for most schools there’s NO school. Kids get to sleep in while the adults are at work making money for gifts. Although, kids like to go sledding and throw snowballs, there is some dangers to all the winter actions. Dangers like, “falling snow, frostbite, black ice, or even ice in general,” someone exclaimed. Another danger is the common cold, ways to prevent the winter shivers are,

  • Keep immune system strong.
  • No sharing drinks or utensils with others.
  • Wash hands before making and/or eating food.

Finally, a important danger is fire. Fire can come from a fireplace or even a candle. Keep flammable items away from trees. Ways to prevent these this from happening is,

  • Fire resistant trees.
  • Turn lights off at night and when not home.


Real VS Fake trees:

FAKE tree advantages:

  • Can use tree every year.
  • “Perfect shape” every year after being stored somewhere.
  • No watering and no messy needles everywhere.


  • Fire hazard
  • Can’t be recycled.
  • Made from pvc plastic, which can spread around your home air and release dixons (toxic) over time.  This plastic may affect human and animals health by causing cancer because it’s stored in your tissue.

Fake trees can be harmful but it won’t be such a hassle every year throughout the whole time you have it up.


REAL tree advantages:

  • Keeps air clean
  • It’ll make your house smell really good.
  • Recyclable
  • Reduces holiday stress when going out to find the perfect tree with family. (makes memories)
  • Plus, every tree cut, 2-3 other trees take its place in the spring.


  • Have to buy new tree every year, which can start at 20-70 dollars and go all the way up to 200 dollars or more.
  • High maintenance because you’ll have to water daily/continuously and needles all over the floor.

These trees are more high maintenance, but you’ll stay happy and bring memories within your family. I recommend to real trees because there isn’t as many dangers to having it as much as the fake tree has,  just responsibility.


Christmas Traditions:

Every family has their own traditions and maybe a different religion as others. Most families go to church on Christmas day, as for this year it’s Monday, December 25, 2017. As for other families, they like to, “eat, and we do secret Santa,” as somebody said. Families like to make ornament, write wish lists, sing songs, make cookies, take a photo with Santa, and send out holiday cards. Most families like to be together and do things with relatives. Christmas isn’t about presents, it’s about celebrating and being with friends.

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The Happy Holidays