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Jupiter vs Saturn

Sarahi Agundis

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Jupiter and Saturn, both gas giants, both big, and they both have rings, but they also have many differences between each other. For example Jupiter has a big storm that has stop and has been constantly going for more the 100 year! Many things are different and similar about this two planets.  Let’s have a look at Jupiter first…!


Jupiter has 69 moons, 53 have been named and 16 have been discovered but not named, together the scientist estimate that there is a total of 69 moon! Also Jupiter is our biggest planet in our solar system, and is the 5th planet away from the sun. Jupiter is considered a gas giant,which is mostly made up of hydrogen and helium, with swirls of clouds and but it don’t have a solid surface like earth. Although scientist think that it may have a solid inner core the size of earth. Furthermore Jupiter has rings around its planet, but it is very hard to see because they are faint. Next is Sat-turn’s planet


Saturn has beautiful rings, the seven main ones have tiny little rocks with spaces between them. Saturn, also a gas giant, is mostly made up of hydrogen and helium. ( Like Jupiter) Saturn is the 6th planet away from the sun, and can be seen without a telescope. Saturn also has 53 moon and 9 unconfirmed ones. Saturn also has a thick atmosphere.


As you can see there are many similarities and many differences, they both are gas giants, both have several moon, but a different amount. There ring are the opposite, one is fine, while the other is faint. Which planet do you prefer or want to learn more about..!


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Jupiter vs Saturn