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Beyond the Sun

Sarahi Agundis

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Have you ever wondered the feeling of floating on space? Have you ever tried to image seeing our Earth from the outside, and not on just pictures taken? Trying to see the stars surrounding you! Seeing all the planets, and the hot star in the middle of our solar system, the Sun! Who would have known that we would have discovered to to travel in SPACE! Scientists have learned new thing about all planets, because of the help of astronauts. The astronauts have seen many different thing and report back to their commander. This helps us today because we can see if there can be a planet to support life, and so far they are experimenting with Mars, although we aren’t quite there yet. Let’s start with the Sun…!


The Sun: The Sun, is extremely big! It can fit about, 333,060 Earth’s can fit inside it, and takes up 99.86% of the solar system. The Sun is is also very hot. It’s reaches up to the temperature of 15 billion celsius. It is so hot  the astronauts can feel the temperatur miles away. Thus is also way the Sun is very important to us, humans. It helps with growing crops, keeping us warm, and especially giving us a light. Without is we would be in the dark all day, we probably won’t even have days. Even though the Sun has many pros, it also has many cons. We can all say that, the Sun is a big sphere, which is made up of different gases. An example of a few gases are hydrogen, helium, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen. These are a few elements that mostly form the Sun, though there many smaller elements in the Sun as well like, magnesium, neon, and sulfur. This is not all about the Sun there is a lot more fact about it, but let’s go on to the first planet of the solar system.


Mercury: Mercury is the  first planet, closest to the sun. Even though Mercury is the closest people think that is would be the hottest, but it ain’t it’s actually Venus. Mercury is the second hottest planet, and the smallest planet in the solar system, not including Pluto, which is no longer a planet. (Did you know that Pluto is smaller than the Earth’s moon!) A year on Mercury hold about 88 days, which is less than our year, 365 days. Mercury doesn’t have any moons, instead its surface is rocky full with craters, which makes it a rocky planet. Something very interesting is that Mercury only sees a sunrise every 180 days. These aren’t the only facts for this amazing planet there are many more. Instead let’s check out Venus, the second to the Sun.


Venus:  Venus is the second from the Sun, making it the hottest planet in our Solar system. Venus can go up to 863 fahrenheit, this is because the atmosphere on venus is so thick that it traps all the gases. This causes the planet to rain acid, since there is no water, and if it did rain water, scientist believe that the water would evaporate before it even touched the surface! scientist ask thought that there many have been life since it very similar to Earth in size, Venus also has volcanoes. They say Venus is one of the most active planet in our Solar system, because at least every day a volcano erupts. Venus spins clockwise, it is really rare because most of the planets spin counterclockwise. Scientist also believe that an asteroid hit it, because of this one day on Venus is longer than its year! Next is Earth..!


Earth:  Earth, the third planet from the Sun. Earth is the only planet that has life on it, such as humans, animals, plants, soils, including water. Most of Earth is made up of water. (70%)  Most of the reasons why we can live on Earth is because of our atmosphere. It has the right amount of thickness and keeps up warm, and provides us oxygen. Of course most of these stuff you now but there are thing scientist are still trying to figure out today. And we only have one moon. There are many more planets out there will really cool facts, so check out the websites.


Source Page: Check out these websites for more interesting facts about our Solar System.

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Beyond the Sun