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The Holocaust

Sophie Grant

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The holocaust started January 30, 1933 and it ended May 8, 1945. Hitler called the holocaust “The Final Solution.” The reason why the holocaust started was because people made choices take action or not not to. The Nazis got away with a lot of things because people were too afraid to stand up for themselves, Jews were not the only race that got killed but Jews were the main target, millions of people got killed during the holocaust. Jews were the most targeted to get sent to camps, if they survived they were sent to gas chambers.



A lot of people in the camps were German communists, Socialists, Social Democrats, Roma (Gypsies), Jehovah’s Witnesses, and people accused of “asocial” or socially deviant behavior. March 1938 German and Austrian Jews were being imprisoned by the Nazis, and they put them in Dachau, Buchenwald, and Sachsenhausen camps. September 1939 the nazis opened forced-labor camps and thousands of the prisoners there died of exhaustion, starvation, and exposure, the SS units guarded these camps.


June 1941, the Nazis increased the number of prisoner-of-war camps. Thousands of the POW (prisoner-of-war) were shot or gassed. The Nazis had killing centers in Poland, the country with the largest population of Jews, they were designed for mass murder. Jews and Romas were gassed in mobile gas vans. Up to 6,000 Jews were killed in gas chambers each day.


Gas chambers

People that survived the camps got sent to gas chambers, gas chambers are apparatus they are used to kill humans or animals with gas.


Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889 and he died April 30, 1945. When Adolf Hitler was little he wanted to be an artist, but he got denied when he applied to it. He was a soldier in World War 1, he volunteered. Even when he was in prison the Nazis would still participate in local elections so they can slowly have power.  

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The Holocaust