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The City of New York

Isaac Martinez

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New York City, also known as the big apple is the most populated city in the United States as you may or may not have known. New York city is known for many things and has lots of large corporations that were founded in the city. New York city has many popular buildings, or use to have, one of those buildings is the Empire State building that was built in 1930 and at one point in history was the tallest man made structure in the entire world. Due to these popular buildings, sites and large corporations New York City is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world.


The twin towers, these two towers were the the tallest buildings in the entire world for decades. Although on september 11 2001 a very evil terrorist group that was controlled by man with the name of Osama Bin Laden decided to destroy the twin towers and bring them crumbling to the ground killing over 2000 innocent people that did no harm to him whatsoever. The twin towers were brought down by two different hijacked planes with passengers in them one plane crashed into each building. At the same time this chaos was happening the pentagon was hit by another hijacked plane. A courageous passenger decided to try to take the plane back over and forced the plane to crash into a field to prevent more people from losing their lives on another hijacked plane that was heading for the white house. To honor the people who had lost their lives in these attacks the city of New York made memoriol right at the spot where the twin towers once were.


New York city also has lots of professional sports teams a few of them are the Yankees a MLB baseball team that is one of the best teams in the league. They have professional hockey named the Islanders. The Jets are a professional football team that are a part of the NFL. They even have a NBA team, they are the Knicks. New York has many other sports teams but there is really to many to name. These teams bring a lot of tourists to New York especially the Yankees. The Yankees are America’s baseball team they sale the most team apparel at of all the teams in the league and they are popular around the entire world.  


But not everybody that says they live in New York city actually live inside city limits. There are five boroughs of New York which is were a lot of people because not everybody can afford to live in the city. Although it is expensive to live in the city millions of people still do. Those five boroughs are Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten island. With New York and these five boroughs altogether you have almost endless options for anything you want you name they have it that’s how big the place really is. As of 2010 New York city is almost six times larger in population than seattle and makes a city like Seattle that we think is ginormous look small when we compare the two cities


There are lots of celebrities that live in New York city, that draws more attention to the city because most of the time people want to see these famous people. So a lot of people come to New York city to see these people perform or just see them some were and try to get there autograph or meet them. Most of these famous celebrities that live in New York city are professional athletes or actors such as Derek Jeter or Jimmy Fallon, they are two very famous people and them two alone draw alot tourists to New York city.


One of the biggest reasons New York city is So large and even larger in population, over two times larger in population than the state of washington altogether, is because of the amount of job opportunities in the city and even in the five boroughs. New York city has a very large variety of types of Jobs. This means that most likely a person wouldn’t change their mind about living in the city because they don’t have a job that they want to do and will love doing. Another reason New York city is so large is because it was one of the very first cities ever to be established and one of the first places that people settled at. New York city was established in 1624 this means it has taken them nearly 400 years to get to the population size they are at right now, when you compare this to Los angeles with population that was established in 1781 and about 6000000 less people in population than New York city there actually growing at about the same rate

New York City is a great city and has a bright future.

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The City of New York