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Learn More About the City of Seattle

Isaac Martinez

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Seattle is actually the largest city in the state of Washington, in population and in size. The city of seattle’s population has been drastically growing, with that the demand in homes goes up so the price of homes will go up alot. Seattle is now home to four professional sports teams, an NFL football team the Seahawks, an MLB baseball team the Mariners, an MLS soccer the Sounders, and they have a WNBA basketball team the Sparks. Although at one point they had 5 teams because they had the Seattle Supersonics, they were an NBA team.

In 1962 the world fair was held in Seattle, the main attraction at the world fair in seattle was the space needle. Even though the space needle was built back around the time the world fair was in seattle it still looks really modern nowadays and gets a lot of tourist attraction from around the entire globe. Imagine how futuristic the space needle was to people when it was first built. Seattle’s largest building is the Columbia center and it is 937 feet and 76 floors tall crazy right imagine standing right next to it and it will look taller than it actually is. When you compare the Columbia center to the Burj Khalifa it will make the Columbia center look like an adult compared to a three year old, because the Burj Khalifa stands at 2716 feet.

Seattle is home to many big corporations such as Amazon and Microsoft. The founders of those corporations are the two richest people in the entire world and one of them even lives in Seattle. The owner of Microsoft is Bill Gates he does a lot of great things for Seattle which is not surprising because Seattle is his home town and he has the money to do some of those great things. Jeff Bezos and his crew founded Amazon on Bellevue wa, although that is not in seattle people say it was founded in Seattle because Seattle is way more popular and is only ten minutes from Seattle. Due to this big corporations the city of Seattle grows in population more and more every day, they also bring a lot of tourists to the city

Seattle has a really big homeless issue that the city has been working to resolve for years. This homeless issue is really bad for the city it makes the city look really disgusting and very gedo as you enter Seattle. Homelessness in Seattle is really bad for bringing in more tourists because tourists don’t want to fly possibly thousands of miles and the first thing they see is a bunch of tents with garbage around them on the sides of roads. Homelessness is not just really big problem in Seattle it is nearly as bad in the city of Yakima that is only about 40 minutes from Grandview.

Seattle has a lot of interesting places you should visit when you are in Seattle. The Seattle gum wall is one of the most interesting sites in Seattle, at the gum wall you can stick your gum on the wall with all the other pieces of gum, although it sounds disgusting it actually looks and very colorful. The museum of pop culture is another interesting place, This museum is founded by Paul Allen and has a very futuristic look and lots of interesting instruments that they allow you to play. The Seattle duck rides are very interesting they can drive like a car and go on water like a boat, they were originally used for military purposes but are now used for entertainment. Although these duck rides are fun they can be very dangerous, about two years ago one of these rides crashed and caught fire.

Seattle is known for slight earthquakes every now and then. Some people say there will be a mega earthquake, if there was a mega earthquake large buildings would collapse and many people would past away. An interesting fact about earthquakes in seattle is when a stadium named the king doom was blown up it nearly caused a slight earthquake. This was due to the fact that there was to many explosives and the explosives were too powerful.

Lots of people say Seattle has a very bright future and will grow thousands more in population in the next few years and at the same time will become more and more popular around the entire globe.

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Learn More About the City of Seattle