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The Legend of Johnny Appleseed

Eloy Armendariz II

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Johnny Appleseed was not just an everyday person, he was a person but a person with swagger, so much swagger that the person that has the most swag can’t even comprehend to Johnny Appleseed’s swag, he was also known as “Johnny Swaggyseed” because they say, the apples he had were so, swaggerlicious  that they could feel the swag from miles away… and what if this was true? Unfortunately it’s all false so, forget everything you just read right now and focus on all this stuff that you’ll forget about in like a week or, so. But, here is the legend of Johnny Appleseed.

It all started in the year of 1774 and on September,26th  at the town of Leominster,Massachusetts and by the way try and say, Massachusetts five times as fast I dare you, Johnny Appleseed’s parents were Nathaniel Chapman and Elizabeth Simonds, for those of you who are wondering, Nathaniel is the father furthermore, Elizabeth is the mother.

Johnny Appleseed’s real name is John Chapman. John was a nurseryman who planted apple trees, from appleseeds. He grew them and introduced them to big parts of American states and an Canadian Province. For example like Ohio,Indiana,Pennsylvania,Illinois,also northen-day counties in  present-day West Virginia. Johnny’s main ambition was that if he could plant so many apple trees that, nobody would go hungry. Sadly, this dream did not come true.

Appleseed’s appearance wasn’t that classy, many say that he walked barefoot and wore a tin pot hat and a sack with apples, furthermore he was a real person that, left seeds wherever he went.

But, did you know he was a child of war? Johnny was born and grew up during the American Revolutionary War, which his father fought in the war as, a minuteman and it is said that he helped construct the defenses of New York with George Washington to fight off the British invasion. Unfortunately, after that his father survived but, his mother died in July,1776 due to childbirth, his father returned home in 1780 and began to teach him the farming trade.

By the early 1800’s, Johnny’s legacy started, in real life compared to his legend it’s totally opposite. As in his legend people think about him as a messy nomad that just planted apples actually, he was way more different, in reality he was much more pragmatic.Johnny started to develop as a nurseryman and a orchardist. Way back then Frontier Law just allowed you to claim land just under one circumstance, you need to plant 50 apple trees. So, Johnny given the name of “Johnny Appleseed’’ would go through many states and plant tons of apple seeds to, begin an orchard. He sold his land to settlers once the land he grew was very bountiful. This made him a land baron.

Surprise! Johnny’s apples he planted weren’t meant for eating because they were given the name of “spitters” which they would make you do if you bit into one of them. The apples he planted were small and kind of tart. Even though they were like that, they would be made into cider. Cider was the main thing to drink back then, the reason for this was because, water could house up bacteria and also cider was just good.

Johnny’s legend didn’t take off until his death, like most legends do.Many say that he was given his nickname by 1806. Considering the way he looked , the way he dressed and the way people looked at him also probably being one of the most successful orchardist ever, almost nobody can deny that he deserves to be one. He was also brought into many children’s books  and some cartoons like Disney.

Lastly but sadly, in 1920 the U.S government outlawed alcohol and that meant destroying the American folk hero’s trees. This didn’t stop FBI agents who mercilessly just tore down his trees.  This also made the Hard Cider popularity fall to a slump.

Overall, it is said that Chapman’s trees changed the history of apples of America and the New World and his legend will live forever.

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The Legend of Johnny Appleseed