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Have you heard of these holidays? Maybe, even National Square Dance Day? But, no need to worry you’re not the only one and if you’re just reading this to learn about some “holidays’’  then, let’s begin.

First, let’s start off with the “Not so weird” list. All Saint’s Day, doesn’t sound so bad right? Well it isn’t, it’s quite nice actually. All Saint’s Day is a Christian celebrated in honor of all the saints that are recognized and aren’t as known. Another is for  those people that like to sleep or, do absolutely nothing this holiday might even become your favorite holiday. It’s called : Relaxation Day, it’s celebrated in the warm month of August and on the 15th, by the name it you can tell that it’s just a day to relax. Who knows maybe it could be a day to miss school or, even maybe your job. A good recommendation for this relaxing day is, just to relax, sleep, get a massage, golf (Not always relaxing though) , take a walk through the park, and go fishing and last but not least just have a picnic.

Do you feel left from everyone,like you can relate? Well, no need to worry  Left Hander’s Day is the day for you, pun intended. On the amazing left Hander’s Day, you can show off your left hand to all those right handed people out there, and show how you are special compared to them in the dominant hand, also you could celebrate outside or, even have it inside. Who cares?! Left Hander’s Day is specifically for left handers only. It is celebrated on the month of August on the 15th, other activities you can do are tell your family how proud you are of being the majority with a left hand.It’s also a day to raise awareness about the left handed people in this world.

In the month of November is National Square Dance Day, long story short, National Square Dance Day is celebrated on November,29th and apparently many people just go square dance and it’s just a national event you can enjoy and square dance to.So it’s a national holiday where you could get a little more of something right before the month ends.After this we have a day that is very popular but, nobody ever talks about, it occurs more than once every year, more than once in a month, it occurs only once in a week.Care to guess? Hump Day! Hump Day, is on every Wednesday so, if it’s on your birthday, you better make room for, Hump Day! Hump Day, is a special day.Because you could just shout, “HUMP DAY!’’ and hopefully, everyone will know what those special words that came out of your mouth are and not just some nonsense.Hump Day, was brought even more to life when there was that commercial with that camel walking through an office with everybody working while yelling, “Hump Day!’’that nobody seems to remember about anymore,but Hump Day will be remembered and forgotten.

Housewife’s Day. Just get that through your head, Housewife’s Day is basically probably as cheesy and fake as their shows they have on television, and maybe this day is to celebrate the wives that stay at home and get work done like that and get food ready for their family but, either way this day could be seen as the ‘Day that celebrates those cheesy,over dramatic, wives that live in mansions in Beverly Hills and some have shows ’’ or ,the “Day that celebrates the hard-working stay at home moms”, it’s your choice.

What has no sides? What has no angles? And if you didn’t guess this then, you deserve a ticket back to kindergarten. It’s a circle. And what does a circle have to do with this topic of an article? Well, well, well, this shape has a day all for it self so for, all those squares out there, you probably wouldn’t approve but, it actually has more of a meaning then finding circles. Because, circles may have a simple shape, but can mean powerful things around this world.

Last, but very least because it sucks is, That Sucks Day. That Sucks Day is basically a day, is a treasure for  when reality in life hits hard. Because at least one thing has to suck. Like having your birthday a day before Christmas and that cheap uncle tells you,”This counts as your birthday gift and your Christmas present.” and that sucks, bad. That Sucks Day is celebrated on the 15th of August and is just a day where you have to say, “That sucks.” especially since it’s on the day Abraham Lincoln was killed and when the Titanic was sunk…. That has to make you say that sucks, which is does.

Oh, you thought the article was over? Well,the conclusion is just down there…. Or, you could just read and know about this last “holiday” it’s your choice but Teddy Bear Day is just a day to give thanks to the cuddly thing that slept with you to keep you warm and to protect from those dark,scary shadows in the closet. So, go give them a big thank you, it might be cringey but just do it, you’ll feel better.

In conclusion, congrats you know about “holidays” your friends don’t know about so, go be the cool kid and tell them about these “holidays” and go square dance and grab some nuts.

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