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SpaceX travel and Elon Musk

Andrew Hollingsworth

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           Who Is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is an inventor\engineer, he is mostly known for taking part in the car company Tesla and designing the hyperloop. The Hyperloop can travel to LA to SF in about 30 minutes. It can also go twice as fast as a plane reaching a top speed of 760 MPH! Elon also invests and helps the car company Tesla with designs and ideas. Over time Elon has become the face of Tesla. Tesla’s are cars that do not use gas powered cars instead they use electric engines this helps our planet with air pollution and overall healthiness. Even though it helps our planet Tesla’s still come at a high price, so it somehow symbolisms royalty and wealth when someone owns one.   Elon Musk has also been working on space travel with a project he calls SpaceX. SpaceX mostly focuses on colonizing mars and collecting volunteer scientists to test their “Mars Town”. They test their rockets and pods almost every month but very few are successful.

                     What is SpaceX?

SpaceX is NASA program ran by Elon Musk it’s main objective? To make life multiplanetary. SpaceX tests a lot of rockets some fail but there are others that revolutionize space travel and modern science. The Falcon 9 was the first rocket to bge reusable after one launch. In 2012 the Falcon 9 launched and successfully reached the international space station. SpaceX believes that the Falcon 9 will be one of the rockets used to bring people to mars. The Dragon, another tested rocket, is a pod that is supposed to deliver cargo and supplies to people in space or on Mars. The Dragon is usually placed onto the Falcon9 but can also fly independently. In 2012 it made its first launch and successfully delivered cargo to the international space station. The Dragon will also be used as a pod or shuttle that delivers humans or other living beings. So when your watching a movie and they use the famous “escape pod” just remember that it’s not that far from reality. Just because SpaceX has had many successes and has revolutionized space travel doesn’t mean they never failed. SpaceX tests rockets a lot and most of them just fall down or explode. But they never gave up when one of their rockets failed they just kept moving on and started to work on another one.

                    Falcon Heavy

The Falcon Heavy is SpaceX’s most recent Rocket. It is supposed to make it’s launch early 2018. The Falcon Heavy is going to be SpaceX’s main rocket used for space planet and multi planetary life. Falcon Heavy is a Falcon 9 with modifications to improve its speed and strength. Falcon Heavy is able to lift into orbit over 54 metric tons and has a mass equivalent to 737 jetliners that are filled with cargo and passengers. The Falcon Heavy was deemed the most powerful operational rocket in the world and that was before it even Launched.


` SpaceX has launched many test on many rockets but they have only had two rockets able to relaunch. They have both been introduced in this article the Falcon 9 and the Falcon Heavy. Even though the Falcon Heavy hasn’t been even Launch once it still has potential to be able to relaunch. Although the Falcon 9 has been tested and is able to take orbit and flight but it has also been reused over and over again thus the Falcon 9 is relaunchable. Elon Musk has said “reusable rockets may be the key to putting people on mars”.

          Mars Town

Mars Town is SpaceX’s main objective, their plan is to set scientists there first by 2020 and then start a colony with only volunteer scientist. Their main idea is to have normal citizens live there by 2025-2030. Since Mars’s atmosphere is a little thinner and weaker than Earth’s the people will most likely wear space helmets or the town will be surrounded by a dome. The plan for life on Mars is far fetched and isn’t really fully developed there is still a high chance of living on Mars by 2040 or even before then.

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SpaceX travel and Elon Musk