“Stranger Things: Season 2”: A Show Review by the One and ONLY


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Mr. Review

It’s Mr. Review, reviewing “Stranger Things: Season 2”! A lot happened and this does contain spoilers, so read at your own risk! One character is back, two are dead, and one has redeemed themselves.

Will is back from the Upside-Down and so far, he is having dreams or visions of a shadow monster, known as the Mind Flayer. The Mind Flayer is a being that can control and take over the worlds. Will sees this and it becomes the main question, “what is it?” or even “how will they beat it?”

The dead person is a fan favorite and those still question if she is alive or dead. Barb is dead and her parents are curious on where she is. Nancy, knowing where she is, finally tells them, you know AFTER they decide to sell their house. Well thanks Nancy.Speaking of Nancy, Steve Harrington. He redeems himself and helped the Stranger Things kids fight off the ‘Demidogs’.

The second dead character is Ms. Byer’s boyfriend, who is eaten alive after saving Will. Mike, Ms. Byers and Officer Hopper.

Eleven meets her brain dead mom and finds out her real name is Jane. Cute, huh? Well, she finds a friend that breaks the law, gets a mullet, and goes back to find Mike. After finding Mike and his friends, she closes the border to the Upside-Down. Max, a not so important character, ends up getting a lot of screen time as well.

The crew all goes to the Snow Ball and Dustin is left alone, until Nancy steps up and dances with him. Mike dances with Eleven. Lucas dances with Max, and we know who Dustin dances with.

The actors for Jonathan and Nancy are dating in real life and we only hope they do that in the show too.

The cast of “Stranger Things” has been on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” multiple times and they have real success at a young age. Their career should also have future success. BARB IS DEAD!!! #MILEVEN!