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Super Mario Odyssey

here have geimu revuwu

made by the ninterndoes

Jorge Alatorre, Burger Flipper

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Before I give out my thoughts for the game, I’d like to say that you will enjoy this game if you do manage to play it, I promise, you will.


Super Mario Odyssey is an action-packed, sandbox-like 3D platformer. The game involves Mario traveling around many different kingdoms with his new cap companion. Cappy. It starts off like any Super Mario game does; Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser, now Mario has to save her. But this adventure in particular is a bit more alive, per se.

My experience with the game was sure a spectacular one. I got hooked practically from the beginning, the start of the game made me want a whole lot more. Learning how to do a “better jump” made the game somewhat more easy, which was good, I suppose. Had a fun time capturing a plethora of enemies with Cappy. Also, capturing is the main mechanic for this game.


It is surely a fun and great game to experience. I suggest you pick up this game if you have a Switch. This will definitely become a classic in the future. 10/10 – best game that came out in 2018, in my opinion. A great journey awaits you if you decide to try out the game.




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Super Mario Odyssey