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The Outsiders Book Review

Steven Coronado

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In the book “The Outsiders” by S.E Hinton in 1967 is about a gang. This book took place around 1960 Tulsa, Oklahoma a boy named Ponyboy 14 years old lives with his brothers Darry who is strict on him and Sodapop who lets him get away with a lot of things. People always look at them as hoods or juvenile delinquents but people don’t really see their rivals as bad people or notice them at all they are the socials the more high class people. But when the Socials had a battle with Johnny and Ponyboy one bob was drowning Ponyboy Johnny had to kill bob as in self defense. Than after that happened they went to Dally’s house and asking for protection they had to hide because they thought they did something bad.

This book is a good book and the author was 16 when she created “The Outsiders.” it’s a good story telling book and this book is not a funny it is a serious book and sad it is easy to picture and feel like you’re in the book. You can feel their emotions and their pain.with the characters give good detail but this book is not for kids this book is for 5th grade and up because it talks about death and hiding from the cops and this book is for mature audience.

  A lot of people find Johnny’s death sad because he died becoming a hero he saved those kids from the church when it was on fire and how he slowly started to die and you would think he would just somehow survive. But the death i found most sad was Dally’s death because that was two deaths in one day he got shot by the police and the whole gang saw Dally die.

This book is really detailed for example in the part when Ponyboy falls asleep in the movies and it says that how the stars moved place. It wouldn’t really say that in another book it might say i felt the time pass on.

  I think that mostly everybody should read this because it’s not really lying about what time it’s talking about it’s kind of telling the truth how there actually because was fights like that  and there was the low class and high class of Greaser like people. That’s what makes me like this book even more because it’s not a science fiction book it’s a realistic fiction it’s not a fairy tell where all the wishes come true.

When Ponyboy ran away from home with Johnny it was an intense scene. People were wondering if they were gonna get caught by the cops or if they would go back home or were the Socs gonna find them and take revenge for killing bob. Bob’s death wasn’t a bad scene until we found out that he was drunk and wanted to start something.


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The Outsiders Book Review