Nobody likes being bully, and if you are bullying someone, you should stop because the only thing you are doing is breaking their feelings and that won't help you with nothing.

Atziry Buenrostro

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Bullying is when someone is making fun of you and when they are pushing you, kicking you and making you do stuff for them when you don’t want to. Bullying mostly happens during school, it happens to the kids of all ages. There is different kinds of bullying and happens all over the world. Kids bully other kids  because of have how they look, how they talk, how they dress, and by their names. Bullying makes a lot people sad, and  feel bad about themselves. Bullying is not a good thing for kids because it makes them feel less safe around other kids, and other people.


If you see bullying you should go tell an adult, so they will stop the bullying. And by doing that you have been a hero to the person who was being bullying. If you been bully, you know how it feels and you should stand up for other people who are being bully. Even if you haven’t been bully you should still stand up for other who are being bullying because  you will be a hero for them.


Nobody likes being bully, and if you are bullying someone, you should stop because the only thing you are doing is breaking their feelings and that won’t help you with nothing. Image you are the one who is being bully, you won’t like it. So stop bullying that person. People are all different, all over the world.


Bully should be stop! We need everybody to make it stop, we could help bullying stop by standing up for others, telling an adult. And everybody could be a hero for those who are being bullying because we are the same we all have feelings, we all have bad and good times, we all have different actions, different looks, and different names. but that doesn’t mean we got to make fun of other people.  We all need to learn how to treat people nicely. We are not perfect, we all  make mistake, so there’s no reason we have to make another person feel bad, instead let’s make them feel welcome and safe at school.


Everybody belongs in school, nobody should not feel safe at school because school is a place to learn and feel safe to be in. If you don’t feel safe to came to school, you won’t learn because you are thinking about the stuff they are going to do to you. But we don’t want that at school we want everybody to feel safe and learn things, to have a good future and a better life. Everybody belongs.


Something I always wonder is how did bullying ever happen and who started this. A lot of people think that bullying is not that bad, but it is because it’s against the law. They also think bullying it just for fun  but its not its violent. Bullying has ruin kids and cause them to have more problems in lives, sometimes they even take their own life. So if you see someone getting bully, stand up for them even if we are standing alone. Let’s stop bullying so together we can build a safer community for ourselves.