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Art is back at GMS

Estefani Aguilar, Journalist

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Art is back at GMS! This position was filled by Mrs. Smiskin. When I talked to her she said something along the lines of I went to college later in life after having children. After getting my first degree, I took a year off, but then I went back and got my second degree; BA in Visual Art.

 Mrs. Smiskin teaches 6th, 7th and 8th grade because she is currently the only teacher covering this elective. I asked her what she is teaching in art class, she responded with “painting, drawing and pottery.” She then mentioned “This first year, everyone will be taught the same lessons. Each student will get one on one help and that takes effort, if you have the want to learn you can do it!” She also mentioned that “even though some students have the natural talent and some don’t, every student needs to be challenged.”

 Even Though it’s her first year teaching, she wants people to know that effort is the most important thing, and that you don’t need to be good at it because that is why you come to school. To learn, to have patience. The more you practice the better you will get. You have to be willing to work it’s just like any other subject she added.

Mrs. Smiskin ended the interview with a message for us “Never settle, always keep trying , and when it gets hard take a break, regroup, and try again.”

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Art is back at GMS