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California Wildfires

Victoria Alcaide and Ashley Sanchez

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December not a common month for wildfires,right? The truth is wildfires can occur any month of the year although it’s not as common. This is the case with the “Thomas Fire” located in Santa Barbara County and Ventura County. The fire started approximately December 04, 2017 at 6:28pm about a week later the fire has not yet been completely contained. Firefighters from nearby towns and cities have made their way over to California. The Thomas Fire is now issued as the state’s 2nd most largest wildfire. But how did this tragedy occur? The cause of this wildfire is still under investigation but what is known is that the fire spread by the ferocious winds .

What can cause a wildfire?  90% of wildfires in the United States are primarily started by humans. A fire can simply start by leaving a burning cigarette on the floor, leaving your campfire unattended, or burning of garbage or debris. In some cases a fire is started by an intentional act or arson and investigation takes place. The other 10% is started by natural causes for example lighting or volcano lava.

The major disaster caused more than 1000 buildings to be destroyed, and 273,400 acres burned. At this time minor fires around California were also burning, some of these fires were Creek Fire and Rye Fire along with a couple of other fires. But they have all been contained.

One thing you can do to prevent wildfires is call 911 if you see a campfire unattended and be responsible for the flammable liquids and appliances you take. Do not discard cigarettes on the floor or any other objects that may provoke or cause a fire. If you find yourself in a situation where you may be at harm be prepared to evacuate and pack beforehand what you may need.  To help people affected by wildfires or other causes  you can donate to an organization who is helping the fire victims for example the following, The United Way of Ventura County, The Los Angeles County Animal Care Care Foundation, and CCF Wildfire Relief Fund, there are way more but here are just a few. You can help us and take action by lending a helping hand to those who are in need of it the most.

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  1. yaletska on January 8th, 2018 11:23 am

    i like the beginning because you used details and it sounds interesting , it´s like a hook to make people keep reading.


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California Wildfires