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  • Separation


    Neidelyn Gonzalez

    April 24, 2018

    What is separation? Well separation is something or someone that is apart from another thing or person in this case it is someone. On september 9, 2017 at about 11:09 am there were two groups of kids outside in the playground at GRANDVIEW MIDDLE SCHOOL. One of the groups only had girls in it and the ot...

  • Trump building border on Mexico

    Trump building border on Mexico

    Miranda Guerrero

    April 18, 2018

    According to BBC news¨The 650 miles of fencing already put up has cost the government more than $7bn, and none of it could be described, even charitably, as impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful or beautiful¨. Meaning Trump’s opinion on the wall and how “beautiful” it’s gonna be. I think the wa...

  • Rupi Kaur

    Rupi Kaur

    Victoria Alcaide

    February 22, 2018

    “What am i to you he asks, i put my hand in his lap and whisper you are every hope i’ve ever had in human form” - Rupi Kaur; Milk and Honey. Ever heard of Rupi Kaur? Perhaps you’ve heard of her poetry book “Milk and Honey”. But who is she? Rupi Kaur is a #1 New York best selling author an...

Aaron Judge

The relay team

April 25, 2018

Jackie Robinson

April 18, 2018

The Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns

April 18, 2018

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    Grandview Middle School 5 - Prosser 16

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    Grandview Middle School 6 - Toppenish 0

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    Grandview Middle School 63 - Toppenish 33

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    Grandview Middle School 7 - Toppenish 13

  • Thursday, November 16


    Grandview Middle School 43 - wapato 14

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